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Tweet Archive for #AAW2012

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Follow the top 5: @thetechchef, @rickreallfarmer, @Women4Ag, @MarieB41, @Jenessamonson.

The 2012 American Agri-Women Convention was held last week in Denver, CO. We had a great time hearing from excellent speakers like Miss America Teresa Scanlan, Jim Owens of the Center for Cowboy Ethics, and Troy and Stacy Hadrick of Advocates for Agriculture.

You can visit an archive of our tweets during convention here: www.tweetarchivist.com/TheTechChef/3


American Agri-Women@Women4Ag   Speaker Jim Owens of @Cowboy_Ethics showed this video to us during his talk at #AAW2012 http://bit.ly/VVIEj3


Arwen McGilvra@TheTechChef Watching a video with the amazing Danell Kalcevic agvocating for her farm. http://youtu.be/hvmNhAeXFsI #AAW2012


Troy Hadrick @TroyHadrick  We’ve had a great day at #AAW2012! Thx for so many compliments on our presentation and r efforts to share the story to #ag.


  celeste settrini ‏@couturecowgirl7  @TroyHadrick says don’t let google tell you what farming is #AAW2012



  Marie Bowers @MarieB41 Estrogen Content in Food. I’d be more worried about cabbage than beef. 🙂 #aaw2012 #Agchat http://instagr.am/p/R3LnZNK5Yq/


  American Agri-Women @Women4Ag EPA reviewed incidents of drinking water well contamination believed associated with fracing and found NO confirmed cases. #AAW2012


  Jenessa Monson @jenessamonson Struggling to focus today at work because I am so #excited for #AAW2012!!



  Arwen McGilvra ‏@TheTechChef   #AAW2012 Education, communication, consumer awareness, leadership, legislation… we can do it together. http://instagr.am/p/R38c58TQfl/


  Jody L. Lamp @lampprpro Our kids can be very influential in telling the truth about #agriculture @TroyHadrick & Stacey #AAW2012 #agvocates


  Tiffany R. Marx @RickreallFarmer  Learning about mining today in Leadville, CO. Limestone powder coats gum in the wrapper! #foodchat #aaw2012


  Julie Tesch ‏@JulieTesch1  #MissAmerica 2011 Teresa Scanlan, spoke to our #AAW2012 conference. What a great advocate for #agriculture ! pic.twitter.com/cfO2fXAH


  Tiffany R. Marx @RickreallFarmer  “It is illegal in Nebraska to hunt for whales.” – @teresascanlan lol! #AAW2012



 American Agri-Women @Women4Ag  “Which cows do the soy milk come from?” One reason we need to #agvocate #AAW2012

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