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Feel Good Wednesdays

It’s been several months now that I’ve been saying that my Wednesdays are my feel good days. Thats because I get to post a blog and send out an email for Forever Changed International every Wednesday.

Each week I get a story sent to me from this orphanage in Guatemala. It’s usually edited and ready to go. I transfer it to the blog, add pictures, a creative title, and make it look good. Then I use that to build a “Story of the Week” email which goes out to 1,000+ supporters of Forever Changed International (FCI.)

There are ups and downs, but mostly the stories I get are heart warming and inspiring. Just today I posted about a girl scout troop making gifts for the kids in the orphanage, and the scout leader and her daughter traveling to Guatemala to deliver them plus 40 new blankets they got from Barefoot Dreams. The blog is called “Cozy & Comfortable.

I posted a second blog full of pictures of the kids with new books that were donated to FCI by Ms Margaret. See “Thank You Ms. Margaret.” Last week the story was about a local volunteer who brings donations of food in every week. See “Volunteers Mean We Don’t Do It Alone,” and a child named Freddy being added to their sponsorship program.

I feel like every week I get a little boost from doing this work for FCI. And it gives them a boost too.

Arwen does amazing work for us!  Her commitment to keep our blog and social media sites updated has allowed us to increase our sponsors and mission trip attendees.  She makes our Story of the Week just pop with great copy and pictures.  The children of Dorie’s Promise have benefited because of her work.  I can’t imagine doing this without her! Bradley Burck; Burck Communications.

It is certainly nice to get paid for doing something that helps others.

Some more of my favorite posts:

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There’s more but I’ll let you chew and these ones for a while, and hopefully have a little bit of feel good for yourself.

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