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I haven’t been blogging a lot recently as the Tech Chef because this year I’ve picked up several new blog costumers. It’s a classic case of the plumber with leaky pipes, or in my area the grass seed farmer without a lawn (that would be my uncle, 1,000 acres of grass seed… no lawn at his house.)

My new blog clients are Fundraising Success team, Conquering Nonprofit Chaos (blog and podcast), Mike Silva International (blog and #1 Man podcast), and Matthew 10 International.

Everyone on a nonprofit board of any type (Agriculture, Christian, Social Good, Reading/Library) should really check out the Fundraising Success team, and the Conquering Nonprofit Chaos podcast.  Both offer great free advice to help you get your nonprofit rolling on the right track.

I’ve already been learning a lot about what it takes to have a successful organization. I knw that these ideas and tips could help a lot of you too. I know that many of you subscribed to my blog are on ag related boards (Agri-Women, Agchat, Farm Bureau, etc.) The tactics taught on the Fundraising Success Team, and Conquering Nonprofit Chaos page would go a long way in helping us with our agvocacy goals.

“This online community is designed especially for nonprofit development directors by people with a combined 75 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. Here these authors, consultants, teachers and trainers will share with you the kinds of ideas, tips, tactics and strategies that have proven successful for hundreds of nonprofit development directors.”


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