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Reading #FlashMob in Albany,OR

Feb. 20th from 11-noon at the Downtown Library

302 Ferry St SW Albany, Albany, Oregon

Bring a book, bring a dollar; help save our library.

Albany’s first reading flash mob will be Monday Feb 20th from 11-noon at the Downtown Library. All ages are invited.

Getting involved is easy. Show up at the library between 11 am and noon on Feb 20th. Read for 15 mins to an hour (Bring your own book or check one out.) Drop a dollar in the jar, and you’re done. Of course you can do us a favor by passing this on to a friend.

We’d love to have 200 people or more all reading at the same time, in the same place to show our community support.

See the Facebook event page for the latest info, or watch my blog for more event details. I am super excited to be in charge of this great event. Working with me on this event are the library, the downtown association, the visitors associations, the Community After School Program and even a local writer. And my favorite book site LibraryThing.com has offered to promote it too! What a great group coming together not only for the cause of reading, but to help save a beloved Library from budget cuts.

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