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What you might be missing on Facebook?

Since Facebook made it’s big changes in September do you feel like your missing something? Do friends who had been active seem to be unusually quite? Does it seem like nobody is reading your posts?

That could be because of the new Subscribe feature that was added with all the changes.

Hear from people you’re interested in, even if you’re not friends
You’ve always been subscribed to friends. Now you can keep up with journalists, celebrities, political figures and other people you’re interested in too. You can get their public updates in your News Feed by going to their profile (timeline) and clicking on the Subscribe button. Once you subscribe, you can see their public posts in your News Feed.Fine tune your News Feed
When you’re subscribed to someone, you can choose what to see from them in your News Feed. Use the Subscribed button at the top of someone’s profile (timeline) to choose the type of updates you’d like to see from them in your News Feed.
From the Facebook Help page
When the subscribe feature was added most of your contacts were set to “Most Updates“. I’m going to show you how to set them to “All Updates

Step 1

Go to the persons Facebook profile. I find it easiest to use the search bar at the top.

Start typing in the persons name, in the case I’m looking for my mother, so I’ll click on that first one in the list.

Step 2

Find the Subscribed button. It’s between Friends and Messages.

Click or scroll over the button to see it’s drop down box.

This is where you can customize the kind of content you will see from a person. Notice how even my own mother is marked at Most Updates. Click on All Updates, and that’s it. Facebook will auto-save your choice.

You’ll notice a change in the Subscribed button. When you are subscribed to All Updates, the check mark will be surrounded by a circle. Most Updates is a check mark, and Only Important is a faint check mark.

Let me know if this helps you.

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