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AAW 2011 Convention Preview

I’ll be teaching a 2 hr long workshop on Social Media at the American Agri-Women Convention in Wichita, Kansas this week. (Follow all the happenings on twitter #AAW2011.) My workshop is part of a series of leadership and advocacy trainings that members can attend during the convention to earn a Masters of Ag Advocacy (#MAA2011.) Read more about the Masters of Ag Advocacy program.

If you going to the convention join me Thursday, November 10th from 1-3 pm in the Walnut room (208).

A quick outline of the training is:

1.Facebook Basics

I’ll be doing a live Privacy check on an audience member. We’ll go over how to lock down your account for total privacy and safety. Then we’ll cover how to tag people and pages in posts. We’ll talk about edgerank and the effects of comments, likes and shares.

2. Twitter Basics

This is where I’d really like to do the bulk of the teaching. I feel a lot of folks have a comfort level with Facebook that they don’t with twitter. We’ll cover tweetspeak (Twitter jargon,) using hashtags (including searching hashtags, creating your own hashtag, and ag related hashtags to follow,) Tweetchat, and we’ll do lots of live tweeting to get member use to 140 characters.

3. Facebook Pages

After a short break I’ll help an audience member start a Facebook page for their affiliate or business. We’ll talk about ideas for posting, making a welcome tab with the static html app, and connecting Facebook to your twitter account.

4. Yelp/ Foursquare

I’m really hoping we’ll have a chance to get to a review of these geo-social sites because I believe they have real potential for businesses and I’d like to see the value added side of agriculture (agritourism, bed and breakfasts, farm stays, farm stands and markets, etc.) make more use of these services as a way to advertise themselves and bring more people to their location. Filling out a Yelp profile doesn’t take long, and a completely filled profile really helps your presence. It’s advertising that only costs your time.

I’m excited for this opportunity to bring some of my expertise to a group I know is filled with dynamic women. It wasn’t long ago that I was the one sitting in the audience learning to have the confidence to stand up and speak out for agriculture. American Agri-Women paid my way to Sygenta Leadership at It’s Best. It was the most intense, challenging, and useful training I have ever attended. These days I’m known as a full blown Agvocate! And I’m happy to be passing the torch through the same organization that helped me get started.

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