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Facebook Privacy Check

A few times I year I like to remind everyone to check their privacy and make sure that they are not sharing more than they mean to via Facebook. Protecting your privacy is important. Let me help you take these simple steps right now to tighten things down a bit.


Take control of how your information is shared with other websites. To begin look in the upper right corner of your Facebook newsfeed or home page. Next to the link for Home you’ll see a down arrow. Click on that and choose Privacy Settings.

On the Privacy Setting page scroll down and choose Edit Settings next to Apps and Websites.

Under the settings for Apps you use, you’ll see three additional settings.

How People Bring Your Info to Apps They Use

This one is the scariest hole in privacy that Facebook has. Did you know that apps your friends use can get information about you? Even information that you have not choose to share as Public? To close this hole click on Edit Settings.

Uncheck EVERYTHING on the list. Then choose Save Changes.

Instant Personalization

The next section has to do with Partner website like Bing, Pandora, and Docs. Not only can you allow your Facebook account to link to preferences on these other sites. It will also show your activity to friends who use these sites. To turn the feature off click on Edit Settings. You’ll be taken to a new page.

Choose close on the pop-up window.

Then uncheck the box next to Enable instant personalization on partner websites. When you’re done click back to apps.

Public Search

This one has to do with whether or not your profile gets shared with search engines. If you get lots of unwanted friend request its likely that this in enabled. Even if you don’t have that problem I prefer not to allow access to my personal page via search engines. (By-the-way your profile picture is public, and you cannot change that. If you are allowing public search people can see your profile picture from the search engine without ever having to go to Facebook.)

Turn this off by clicking Edit Settings.

Then uncheck the box next to Enable public search. Then click back to apps.

You’re Done! Congratulations you tighten the belt on your privacy and can breathe a little easier now.

Do you have other privacy tips for Facebook? Please share then in the comments.


  1. J. Bohlinger
    February 25, 2012 at 8:37 am

    Thx 4 providing the screen shots and the simple, easy to follow, yet critical privacy info instructions…..I feel much better about my profile now 🙂

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