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Best Sites for Book Lovers Part 2

In my last post Best Sites for Book Lovers Part 1 I reviewed the site LibraryThing.com. LibraryThing is an excellent home cataloging tools for your books, and offers lots of other features. Read my previous post to get the full scoop.

Another great site that I use often is Good Reads. Good Reads calls themselves a “social book discovery and recommendation site.” Where LibraryThing is more focused on the book you own. Good Reads is focused on the books you read.

Good Reads is really focused on the social aspect of reading. They allow you to connect and login via facebook, twitter, or google, and they can search all three of those services for friends who also use Good Reads. Good Reads connects to your Facebook and Twitter accounts so you can share what you’re reading, plus your ratings and reviews of books in your newsfeed.

I really enjoy Good Reads Reading Challenge. Since I set annual goals for my reading this tool is a nice visual for seeing how far I am on those goals.

Good Reads has loads of fun extras too. Suggest the books you love for all sort of lists on their listopia. Popular lists include; Best Science Fiction Books, Best Books of the 20th Century, Thickest Books Ever, Best for Books Clubs, and Epic Rockstar Stories.

Another fun extra on Good Reads is the quote section. Mark the quotes you like for later reference, or share them on Facebook. It will even suggest quotes to you based on the authors of books on your virtual Good Reads Shelves. They even have a guess the quote game.

Other fun stuff includes giveaways, a bookswap, trivia, quizzes, book groups, a place to share and comment on creative writing, and author events. There are widgets for your blog or website that show your book shelves, reading cloud, currently reading, and reading challenge progress.

I love Good Reads for tracking my reading and sharing reviews, but it really has so much more to offer any book lover. I hope you’ll take some time to check it out.

Now that you’ve seen my two favorite sites for book lovers let me know if what book/reading sites or apps you use.

  1. April 24, 2013 at 8:45 pm

    NovelSnippet.com is cool. It has hundreds of books and looks to be growing rapidly. The site includes 100-word snippets form each book so you can easily search and find great novels.

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