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Does your farm or agricultural operation run any value added agri-tourism operations like a roadside stand, a farmers market booth, or tours with tasting? Adding a location based service to your social media strategy can give it a boost, and help keep you in the know about what your customers are saying about you. Yelp.com is one of the growing number of location/ GPS based websites and apps.

Yelp is basically a review site for businesses. Which sounds scary at first. Often we think that the squeaky wheel is the one with something bad to say about our business. During a recent Yelp webinar the follow chart was given. It shows that the majority of reviews on Yelp are positive.

You may in fact already be on the site, and not know it. Yelp uses phone book listings and other third party info to fill its directories. Sometimes users will submit businesses too. Its worth a look just to see if you already appear on Yelp.

One of the things creating a Yelp account will allow you to do is fill in your business information, making sure everything is correct and up-to-date. It will also start sending you weekly emails letting you know how much activity your business receives on Yelp. The email will include page views, reviews, and mobile activity. Which can be useful in your marketing strategy.

You’ll also be able to respond to customer comments. Which is a good way to reassure a customer who had a bad experience that it wasn’t typical. You can choose to respond via a private message, or a public comment. You can also flag reviews that are spammy or inappropriate.

Just recently, they rolled out Yelp Deals, which works similar to Groupon. You set the deal, the customer sees it on Yelp and purchases it from them, you get paid through Yelp, and then the customer redeems the deal at your business.

Yelp also has business check-ins, which are connected with other social media platforms. So when a customers checks in at your business their activity can be seen via their Facebook and Twitter feeds expanding the reach of your business mentions.

I think this could work especially well for Agri-tourism. You create a great experience, and Yelp helps your customers advertise for you. The Yelp site even includes a map of your location, which is useful for helping customers find you if you’re located out on some country road.

Check out some farms that are already on Yelp here: Portland » Food » Farmers Market

Have you already tried Yelp for business? I’d love to know how the experience is working for you leave me a comment.

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