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Google Reader: Organization

My previous two posts: Google Reader: Getting Started and Google Reader: Adding News showed you how to begin using Google Reader to track blogs, news and other information. Google Reader allows you to put it all into once place, so you don’t have to bookmark and then jump around to a bunch of different websites. It also has a nice feature that automatically marks an item as read when you scroll past it.

Now that you’ve got your feet wet with Reader and have a bunch of info coming in everyday let organize. To make Reader even easier to use Google offers these organizational tools.


From the Home screen of Google Reader look under subscriptions for the feed you’d like to organize and then click on it. (See the area circled in yellow below.)

I’m clicking on The Tech Chef. Next click on Feed Settings in the middle of the bar near the top. (See it circled in yellow below.)

Then click on New Folder.

Next give your folder a name and click OK.

Now this feed will show under a folder mark Friends in your subscription area.


Another way to organize posts is toadd tags in Google Reader..

Click on Edit Tags in the bottom bar under the post you’d like to tag.

Then enter your tags, separated by commas and click Save.

Once you click save your tags will appear under your folders in the subscription area on Google Reader. This is a great way to organize information for a research project, or for information you want to reference later.

I hope you enjoy using Google Reader. Drop me a comment and let me know what exciting things you’re following using RSS, and don’t forget to subscribe to The Tech Chef. (Click on the orange RSS icon at the top of this post on the right.)

See you next Tues.

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    how about some dangly earrings? aunt p

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