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Google Reader: Adding News

An RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, symbol can be found on pages all over the internet. Wherever its found you can add items to your Google Reader. The top uses for RSS are blogs, and news. You can also find it on sites for podcasts, zines, message boards, even Facebook pages.

My last post Google Reader: Getting Started  covered how to use Google Reader to follow all your favorite blogs in one place. Today I’m going to cover how to add news to your Google Reader.

Adding news updates to your Google reader is Really Simple. Go to the news page you’d like to add. For this demonstration I’m using the NY Times Technology News page.

Scroll down the page until you see the box with RSS symbols. Shown circled in yellow on the picture below.

You can see that there are several choice. Click on the one you want to follow. You’ll be taken to the subscription page. Choose Google and then click Subscribe Now. If you are signed in to Google you’ll go to Google Reader to confirm your subscription. If you’re not signed in it will ask you to sign it first.

Click Subscribe again to confirm your choice in Google Reader.

Now you can enjoy regular updates from the NY Times on technology right in the same place you’re following your blogs.

You can also subscribe to news via a Google News Search. Go to the Google News Page and enter your search term to begin.

After you’ve entered a search term scroll all the way to the bottom. See RSS circled there in yellow, click on that. Then follow the steps to subscribe to your Google News search term the same way you did the NY Times page.

Now that you know how to subscribe to RSS Feed have fun looking around the internet and subscribing to your favorite content. Keep your eyes open for the orange symbol.

Read my next blog, coming Tues to your Google Reader (you can subscribe with the icon at the top of the right hand column on this page)  how to add folders and tags to your Google Reader. Better organization so you can follow multiple topics.

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