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Client’s Book now on Amazon

I’m happy to announce that a client of mine, Mike Silva, whose organization I got to work with for last years, Willamette Celebration,  has recently published a book. The book is called #1 Man: What Every Dad Desires, What Every Daughter Needs and is available on Amazon.


#1 Man is a book about how to be a fantastic father to girls. It walks through the steps of raising girls, loving them, and helping them grow into mature and self reliant women. The book follows life lessons for author and communicator Mike Silva. As Silva explains his thoughts on how to raise daughters, his daughters also weigh in on each chapter. This is a great read for dads and daughters!


I made the landing tab for the #1 Man Facebook page, as well as the page for Mike Silva International, and the Rescate Project. Please take a moment to check out the pages. I am really especially excited about the Rescate Project which aims to help churches connect to their neighborhood through a backpack giveaway. This project is backed by  Mike Silva International, theNHCLC, and 30,000 churches across the United States.

This book comes out just in time to buy it for Father’s Day. I am certainly hoping to get a copy and read it myself (even if I’m not a man, I do have a dad.)

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