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How to Protect Your Info from Facebook Social Ads

Facebook continues to seek new ways to make money from its massive network of more than 500 million users. You can’t blame them because to stay alive a business needs to turn a profit. In fact its something modern users are very accustomed to on the internet, so much so that we tend to filter out most of the internet advertisements we see. Turning a profit with ads is all well and good until your information becomes the ad. That’s the idea behind Facebooks Social Ads.

Here’s what Facebook has to say about it.

“Everyone wants to know what their friends like. That’s why we pair ads and friends—an easy way to find products and services you’re interested in, based on what your friends share and like.
Here are the facts:

  • Social ads show an advertiser’s message alongside actions you have taken, such as liking a Page
  • Your privacy settings apply to social ads
  • We don’t sell your information to advertisers
  • Only confirmed friends can see your actions alongside an ad
  • If a photo is used, it is your profile photo and not from your photo albums”

Step 1

Go to AccountAccount Settings in the upper right of the screen on your Facebook page.

Step 2

From the Account Settings page choose Facebook Ads.

Step 3

There are two areas to change Ads shown by third parties and Ads and Friends.

Click on Edit third party ad settings – from the drop down box choose No One – then click on Save Changes.

Click again on Facebooks ads to go to back to the main page. Click on Edit social ad settings– from the drop down box choose No One– click on Save Changes.

That’s it, your done.  A couple of quick clicks and your information is protected. If you found this useful please pass it along to your friends.

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