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Just for Fun: Facebook Languages.

How to change your Facebook language setting to Pirate or Upside Down.

Step 1

Scroll down to the bottom of your newsfeed. Click on English (US) which is next to the copyright mark.

Step 2

A new box will appear. Click on the ↓ arrow next to English (US). Then choose your new language. Also available is Leet Speak. Which you will find listed in alphabetical order. (Leet is an internet/texting language. Think OMG! nOOb wOOt lol etc.)

Step 3

Enjoy your new language, and reverse the process when you get bored with it. Click on a photo below to see full size.


Includes such fun translations as: Making all your friends Cap’n. Like, Comment and share are nowArr!, Weigh In, and Blabber t’ yer mates. The time on posts counts not minutes but shots ‘o rum ago. Events are Grog Fests. Instead of search for new friends its Scour the seas fer more mateys. My favorite is the chat box now says Parley and because I’m offline it says (On shore leave). There is a ton more, but I’m going to make you check it out for yourself.

Upside Down

Exactly as it sounds. All the “Facebook” words (news feed, like, share, etc.) are upside down.

Leet Speak

Almost unreadable for anyone who doesn’t live with their thumbs tied to an electronic devise. You now have a NOOz F33d which uses , $p@m, p2p for Like Comment and Share. “What’s on your mind” becomes “wh47 Occup!35 jOOr 7h!nk!ngz?” Status becomes lvl: Photo  becomes *.jpg and so on.



This blog is dedicated to my sister Angela who is a pirate at heart during those times when she can’t dress as one.

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