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Q&A: Friend Lists

Question: “How do I set-up a friend list?” Part of a longer question, “How do I send posts to only certain groups of people?” Creating a friends list on Facebook is the first step to sending posts to only certain groups of people. I will show you how to switch between friends, and selects groups for posts in the next blog.

Answer: Friend Lists are an easy way to organize who your information goes to on Facebook. You can post pictures to your High School Classmates, church meeting details to local friends, and family announcements to, well family. It allows more flexibility in your information sharing. You can choose a custom setting the excludes people regularly, and then with a couple of clicks include them back into the group. For work reasons I have friended several acquaintances, I would prefer them not to see a lot of my information. The same with friends I haven’t spoke to in 10 years, until I reestablish the friendship. Everyone I know doesn’t need access to the same amount of information about me. Friend Lists are the way to maintain control over what I share and to whom.

Step 1

Go to Edit Friends under Account at the top right of your Facebook page.

Step 2

Click on Create List on the top of your friends page.

Step 3

A new box will pop up. First add a name for the list. Then click on the friend and/or pages you want to add to the list. Then click on Create List. Do this as many times as you need. Create a list for High School Buddies, Clubs/Groups you belong to, work associates, etc.

Step 4

If you’ve left someone off the list, or accidentally put them on the wrong list it’s easy to change. Hover your mouse pointer over the friend whose list you want to change, click on edit lists. From the drop down menu check or uncheck the lists you want to add/subtract that friend from. Yes friends can be on multiple lists.

Please post your Social Media questions in the comments or on my Facebook Page or on Twitter @thetechchef I will be blogging on Questions and Answers until the end of January.

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